Online marketing consultant offering a full range of SEO and WordPress web development services.

Michael Paragon is an award-winning online marketing consultant providing SEO, WordPress website design and outsource marketing solutions in Barcelona, Los Angeles, and worldwide via skype.

bcn-logo60I provide a unique variety of marketing solutions that pay for themselves in sales growth, including WordPress websites with professionally written and search engine optimized content.


I have an eye for creating original brands and have successfully launched over 100 new consumer products at a retail level.

bcn-logo60I implement marketing strategies and lead creative teams to translate ideas into impactful designs with lasting brand recognition..


Marketing Solutions

I manage an international network of WordPress developers, we collaborate in providing WordPress support and training, so you can imagine our WordPress Websites are pretty awesome.  Read more
Take the mystery out of your page ranking. I can help you compare your ranking with your competitors. Find out what they are doing right and how to get a leg up, through competitive content analysis and SEO best practice.

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I am an SEO content writer and provide a wide variety of SEO content writing services, including Adwords campaigns. I write your message with keyword content that best matches what users actually write in their Google search bar.  Read More
I am a product marketing specialist and I have launched over 100 consumer products globally at a retail level. I help grow brands to the next level of development, online through well constructed websites, SEO & social marketing, and offline via classic advertising & promotion. Read more
It gives me a great amount of pride to say that I am an award winning web designer. I have also received numerous marketing awards, including Prime Media Magazines Marketing Excellence award for ArtEmboss. Read more
Content is still king, and I can help you market your content across the web. Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content across all of your social media channels to attract and retain your target audience. Read more

WordPress websites with responsive mobile ready design

WordPress lets you take control of your website, write and post your own news updates and get closer to your customers. Here are a few of ways I can help you take control and make the most out of your WordPress website:

  • Worldwide WordPress support & training via Skype

  • Website design that reflect your brand and market

  • Install and manage WordPress SEO

  • WordPress Woo-Commerce shop set up

  • Install essential plugins and update themes


Mobile ready websites improve search ranking

Did you know, a mobile website gets listed on Google Mobile Search and receives priority ranking over non mobile websites?

A website without SEO is like throwing a party but not inviting anyone!

With over 180,000,000+ live websites and counting, How do you get your website to stand out and rank page 1 on Google?

Social media marketing helps circulate your content, re-post your content with new links, and provide high-value inbound links to your website. At a minimum, a business website should include LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ pages. Well-developed social media pages combined with well written YouTube video can increase your search visibility and page ranking.   Read more

Each search engine optimization plan is custom tailored to your unique website, content and industry to ensure your website is competitively ranked. We follow the fundamentals of SEO best practice, tune your content with on-page keyword optimization, check H1 tags and write page search optimized meta-descriptions. Great SEO strategies should include social media networking, inbound link building, publishing news releases, YouTube videos and more.  Read more

The nuts and bolts of your website consist of content. It’s not an easy job to optimize a website for search engines if the content is poorly written. I can help you write content that people enjoy reading and that will get indexed by search engines. Good content gets re-posted and makes you the authority that you are in your field of expertise. SEO does not have to be expensive. I offer SEO content writing for only €150 per page of 250-300 words.  Read more

Marketing Solutions that save you time, help you make money and give you an edge over your competitors

Over 25 Years of Award Winning Marketing Excellence

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What is a brand?

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