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Mac Repair Barcelona, is a genuine organic SEO success story.

We started with the original domain name but developed a new re-branded URL that was organically optimized with the user generated keyword phase; mac repair Barcelona, the new domain then became the primary focus of our SEO campaign.

First, we we’re very lucky that the highly optimized URL was available! Mac Repair Barcelona is a highly searchable, user generated key phrase. Keyword phrases used in domain names like, Mac Repair Barcelona, can trump over even extremely optimized competitive URL’s.

We then turned our attention to reshaping the new website and loaded it with onsite SEO optimization and rich, relevant, content. Next, as part of our standard SEO process, macrepairbarcelona was listed in industry directories, blogs and back links.

Lastly, we redirected the original URL to point to and we we’re on our way! In just under 3 months, with directory linking and keyword optimization, made it to numero uno #1 on Google! Find out more contact today for your business.

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