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The biggest secret is that there is no secret.  If you have a website / web site then you need to follow some basic rules, and you will be found when people search the Internet.  Sure, you can advertise your site on the radio and in the local newspapers, and that will help.  But, let’s face it, 80% of a web sites visitors are going to come from a person who “searched” the web for something, and your site or page offered the relevant content.

Experts who research Internet statistics say the between 70% and 80% of the people who do search the Internet today are do so with Google, so it only makes sense that any webmaster pay attention to what Google considers good webmaster practices.  Some folks refer to the webmasters who pay attention to this kind of detail “Gorilla Website Marketing”, others call it “Professional”.

The biggest rule today is not about keywords, hidden text, or a secret way to submit your web site to 10,000 search engines – it’s all about “Content“.  If you site contains pages of information, then the text of the page will be picked up and it will be cataloged, indexed, and listed.  Google was the engine that made the term “search” a truly relevant term to what you want to do on the web.  If you provide useful information, then you can get listed well in the search engines.  The biggest ‘secret’ webmaster hint, tip, or trick about getting visitors to find your web site / page is all about providing information and content, surfers will find the information on YOUR site if you provide it in a quality filled manner.

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