SEO Content Writing By Page
A practical and an affordable way to kick start your SEO

Affordable English SEO Content Writing Services starting at only €.60 per word includes 1 optimized keyword,

 minimum 250 words per page, includes meta description and on-page SEO check.

SEO Content is critically important and difficult to do right. Top quality content requires industry research and expert writing. Our content is Copyscape verified original content.

SEO Content Writing By Page

  • 250 words-per-page of original keyword optimized content (€.60/word).
  • 1-keyword per page developed from Google Adwords best keyword.
  • H1-title tag checks, sub-heading and content keyword density checks.
  • 155-characters keyword optimized meta description of your webpage.
  • Copyscape verified original
  • Free Skype consultation with the SEO content writer.

Good SEO Content Writing can boost a web page search results organically, and in short time.

The value of a website is its content. A simple, plain, boring to look at blog with astonishing content, can get page one Google ranking faster, and with more visitors than does a cool web design with poorly written content. Good content writing can make the difference in how quickly your target page is ranked and indexed by Google, sometimes with page-one results in under one month.

When it comes to costs, website owners spend more on their website build, than their websites SEO Content Writing. Many web build proposals require content by clients, who are too busy managing the day to day of their business to write SEO copy. Small business website cost vary greatly from $2500-$10,000 or way more, depending on the business, and that’s just for the design and build, not including content, or ongoing maintenance. In comparison, $2500 spent on SEO content writing with a professional SEO content writer can provide you with up to 25 pages of keyword rich content with a new focused keyword for each web page.  That’s the SEO right stuff that stops keyword search traffic and turns it in your direction. You can buy SEO content by page for as little as €150 per page (€.60/word), get started today!

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Flexible SEO Content Plans – Starting at only €.60 cents per word, order 21 pages or more and save 20%

1-9 Pages

€.60cents per word
  • Minimum 250 Words Per Page (€.60/Word)
  • 1-Keyword
  • On-Page SEO Check
  • 155-Characters Meta Description

10-20 Pages - 10% Off

€.54cents per word
  • Minimum 250 Words Per Page (€.54/Word)
  • 1-Keyword Per Page
  • On Page SEO Check
  • 155-Character Meta Description

21-Pages - 20% Off

€.48 cents per word
  • Minimum 250 Words Per Page (€.48/Word)
  • 1-Keyword Per Page
  • On Page SEO Check
  • 155-Character Meta Description

English SEO content writing starting at only €.60 cents per word

I offer English SEO content writing starting at only €.60 per word. Includes One focus keyword, meta description creation, and on-page title tags. Properly written meta descriptions should include the focus keyword of your page. We don’t just grab a Keyword. We write using Long-Tail Keywords. Long tail keywords are three or four keywords that create a phrase which is 100% relevant to what you are selling. Good content writing converts page ranking gets your content re-posted with new inbound links and increases traffic”. The published average cost of SEO copywriting varies greatly, from $0.30/word for common, easily researched subjects, to $1.50/word or more for highly complex subjects and well-developed landing pages where content needs to convert the call to action.

I can help your web pages rank better for specific keyword phrases. The first step in SEO content writing is to target specific keywords to your customers by searching Google Adwords: Keyword Planer. Google Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool to help you find the most volume searched keywords and long-tail keywords. Next, use this keyword as the star of your content to tell your story, value proposition, and use it in your URL, your heading, sub-heading, page content and meta description. It is not Surprising, many people get lost with some of the SEO terminologies like “meta description”. What it is and why is it important? Meta descriptions are the 155 characters of text that describe your web page to search engines and that appear under the page name and URL.
SEO Content Writing meta description

Search Engine Copywriting is an inexpensive and proven method to rank web pages and is a vital component of good SEO.

The value of your website is your content. It’s easy to find junk blog posts and articles for only $20 a page. Before spending $20 on a blog article, realize that most if not all of the time, this content was lifted from someplace else. Google can spot duplicate content a mile away, and can punish your search results and lower your ranking for it. Good quality search engine copywriting is original, has SEO search value, and gives value to you as an authority in your field.

SEO Content Writing Services for a wide range of professional fields and subjects including: Food Articles and Recipes, Accounting, Attorneys, Doctors, Therapists, Hypnotists and Alternative Medicines, Teachers, Translators, Real Estate, Construction, Fiber Optic Contractors, Fiber Optic Networks, Education, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Oil and Gas Tankers, Yachting and Marine, Food, Dining, Recipe Writing, Water and Water Technology, Software and Computing, Computer Repair, Cosmetics and Beauty, Digital Products Descriptions, Web Design, Graphic Design, WordPress and more. Volume discounts are available.

About the Author Michael Paragon SEO Consultant, SEO Content Writer
Michael Paragon is an SEO content marketer and freelance SEO content writer, with numerous organic first-page google rank placements for keyword searches across hundreds of topics.

Michael Paragon writes SEO content on diverse subjects through industry market research and expert writing. Good SEO content writing is extremely important and difficult to do right. If marketing your content is important to you, contact Michael Paragon today for a free consultation by Skype.

About the author Michael Paragon


Buy SEO Content for only €.60 per word.

A practical and an affordable way to kick start your SEO.

  • 250 words-per-page of original keyword optimized content
  • 1-keyword per page developed from Google Adwords
  • H1-title tag checks, sub-heading and keyword density checks
  • 155-characters keyword optimized page meta description
  • 1-Outbound authority reference link
  • Copyscape plagiarism checked original content
  • Free Skype consultation with SEO content writer
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