Branding Fundamentals

Branding Fundamentals – A brand is much more than just a logo. It is the foundation of all your marketing activities. Branding means shaping your company’s identity, from its name to every encounter your customers have with it. How do people view your brand? This perception is often an emotional response, beyond the products or services your company offers.

How you answer your phone, respond to customer inquiries and respond to complaints shapes your brand identity. Ever had a bad experience with a sales person over the phone? It is likely you formed an instant opinion about the company as a brand in that moment. Popular brands and services are built on quality customer experience.

Branding can be broken down into easy to understand elements:

Brand Position

  • Describes who is addressed by company’s products or services. What your company does and for whom.
  • The company’s unique added value and how customers benefit from your products or services.
  • Key competitive differentiation, what makes the brand be chosen, be different from its competitors.

Brand Promise

  • What is the single most important thing that the brand promises to deliver to its customers — Every time! Brands are severely damaged when this promise is not kept.
  • What customers and partners should expect from every interaction, how should they feel as brand’s customers.

Brand Personality

  • What are the 4 or 5 main traits the brand is to be known for? The way your company speaks to a customer can be one of them.
  • What comes to your customer’s mind when addressed about the brand? This is often an emotional response to your products and services.

Brand Story

  • The company’s history and how the history adds value and credibility to the brand.
  • This also includes a summary of your products or services.

Brand Associations

  • Brand Associations are the specific physical characteristics that make up the brand. Your name, logo, brand colors, taglines, slogans, fonts, brand imagery, etc. Brand associations reflect your brand promise, your brand traits, and support your brand positioning statement.

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