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I wanted to express my thanks for the effort you put into the Inner Game graphics for the TPRF golf tournament at Trump International. It looked great and Iā€™m all the more thankful given that I had no time to put my effort into it. Thanks so much,
- Tim Gallwey, Author Inner Game of Tennis
Many thanks Michael, checking the page rank today for Advanced Intel I see the site is up to 4 or 5 Google ranking already, which is very good considering our competitive market.
Thanks again,

- Advanced Intel PC Solutions
“Everybody here loves the website Michael! The design is just beautiful and I like our new brand colors. Looks great. I also did not expect it to begin to rank so quickly on Google. To see first page was really genius! Thanks again,”
David Boyd, DMB Enterprizes
“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks again for the great job with pcwlawyer.com. Clients have commented with approval. The new mobile version is working great across on my phone and tablet too. Upgrading to a responsive mobile version made a big difference.

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