Reputation Management – Did somebody give you a Google black eye?

It’s a classic scenario, your name came up on Google, but not for what you wanted it to. Someone has published information about you that you would like to forget, and certainly not let anyone else see, yet there it is on page one next to your name.

Reputation management is important to your business. How people perceive you, your company and services matter. If you have found information on a Google search that concerns you, there are steps you can take to repair your online reputation. Most of the time improving your online reputation can be quite simple. The process involves overwhelming the current, damaging, information about you with fresh new articles about who you are, your achievements, awards, contributions to charity, school volunteer work if any, community service if any and so on. In this process, the “negative” information begins to slowly find its way to the back and lower in the search results until it is safely buried 3 to 5 pages behind the “positive” information.

If YOUR name has been Hijacked you may need to double down on your reputation management efforts until the “fresh news and content” overwhelms the older links.

In the worse cases, it can be that the information about you have links to other articles, so the relevancy factor for search is increased. Sometimes these links can be removed by approaching the websites that the unflattering news is originating from and ask them to remove them. But when all else fails you will need to go on the offense and begin to publish your own series of articles, even countering offensive comments with your own version of events.

Michael Paragon is an online marketing consultant providing SEO reputation management and SEO content writing from Barcelona, Spain. For further information call: +34 689 949 550