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Barcelona SEO for E-Commerce, merchants, teachers, small and large businesses. Increase your local Google ranking for Barcelona keyword searches through effective content writing and onsite SEO auditing. Professionally written English and Spanish content creation with proven first-page results.

Michael Paragon - Barcelona SEOMichael Paragon – Barcelona SEO helps you target Google searches specific to Barcelona, Spain. Do you need your website found on page-1 of Google for business in Barcelona? I can help you target your SEO for Barcelona audiences and customers effectively.

I apply proven methods to rank web pages on Google
page-1. In this process, I work with you to develop high-value search keywords and long-tail keywords like “Barcelona SEO” through Google Adword tools to improve your search results. Using these solid, high-value keywords, I write content that best frames your message and provide onsite SEO (search engine optimization) by page including meta-description creation. SEO is not complete without adding a social network and authority inbound and outbound links focused on your topic. Apply these same steps to your website and you will see a remarkable move in your Google page ranking.

There are many factors that determine a website’s SEO page ranking including your web sites age. If your website is new it will take some time to develop a volume of meaningful relevant content for search engines to discover.

Sometimes web design can be too focused on flashy over designed pages. Flashy web pages may look great and can give a great first impression, but they can also kill any hope of being found on search engines without relevant organized content. Good SEO web design means search engine spiders (bots) can index your site and read the content. Many web designers are not fully trained in SEO. What ends up getting sold is “an inexpensive to build a website” with “content by owner” to save money, but website owners are not SEO consultants and so SEO never gets addressed head-on and the website ranking stays off the radar, 10 pages back if you are lucky.

There should always be a hierarchical order to content, this begins with your web pages URL also known as permalinks. It’s important to write friendly, descriptive titles in your permalinks. Sometimes web designers do not set these correctly when building a web page and rely on the web pages default template settings. Here is an example, this is a link to this websites “Company profile”:
Confusing to look at right? All that needs to be done here is to change the permalink as follows:  Now it is descriptive to humans who will read it and search for information about the “Company’s profile” which is also the focused keyword. Next the web page content needs the same 100% relevant content that is descriptive in the page Heading (with H1 tags – the H stands for Heading). Also, the keyword “Company Profile” needs to be repeated in the sub-heading and repeated throughout the body of the copy. On this point, there used to be a higher value on achieving a specific “keyword density” per page, though this is no longer seen as important as a well-written relevant content.

What about your competitors? How do you outrank them in SEO for Google page 1 position? Especially if they are bigger and their website is older than yours is. I start the SEO process by looking at what your competitors are doing right. Do they have a social network? Do they blog? How relevant is their content and how well do they link to and from authority pages? Learn from your competitors and model your own onsite SEO to keep in step. Falling behind means dropping out of view from the search results.

Since the subject and focus of this web page is Barcelona SEO, I’ll want to do the same competitive analysis for my own competitors in the SEO field in Barcelona, Spain. It’s always good to start with geographic and language relevancy. It’s a known fact that having your website hosted in the same country you are targeting and by language does matter. There really are no tricks or shortcuts, just simple straight forward authority content, framed with onsite best practice techniques (such as Geo-relevancy).  Rinse and repeat.

I have been helping businesses in Barcelona, Spain improve their search ranking for over 10 years. I have provided SEO for Real Estate companies, property developers, jewelry stores, computer repair and even atmospheric water generation equipment.

Probably the number 1 reason most people slack on their SEO is a perception of cost and expense. Yet SEO does not have to be expensive! I offer SEO content writing for only € 100 per page of 250-300 words. It could be that only one page of your website actually converts new customers, so there is the first place to start.

If your business is located in Barcelona, Spain and you need SEO search engine optimization for your web pages contact Michael Paragon, SEO consultant for a no obligation discussion. Call +1 (34) 689-949-550

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